Jan Deters

UX Designer | Frontend Engineer


The following tools and websites are side projects I work on during my free time. All are a work in progress.

Tools & Games

Priodo - Todo-App with prio and estimation features. Includes login and user data storage functionality as well as automatic synchronization of data between all devices.
Vier Gewinnt Deluxe - 4 in a Row with a stategic twist.
Tonetool - Sine-Generator, useful for audiometry (test your hearing or covering tinnitus), sound tests or simply to create annoying sounds.
Sloth Machine - Very simple Slot Machine / Bandit with sloths and other animal pictures as a price. Bot and statistics included.


www.kaizik.de - Marketing Wingman Christian Kaizik
www.showloveproject.de - SLP: Show Love Project - Acoustic Regg-Hop Band from Hamburg.